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Craigslist rabid puppy update

Posted in Dogs, Rabies
The other day, I wrote about an effort to track down adopters of puppies from a litter in the Clay County, Texas, area after one of the puppies was confirmed to be rabid. At last report, 8 of the 9 remaining puppies have been located. Two of these puppies were adopted by one family, with… Continue Reading

Craigslist + Rabid puppy = Bad news

Posted in Dogs, Rabies
There are lots of reasons not to get a puppy from Craigslist. While getting a rabid one isn’t likely, it can happen and result in a lot of trouble. Case and point: A litter of 9 puppies from Henrietta, Texas was recently advertized on Craigslist, and at least one of the adopted puppies had rabies.… Continue Reading

More dog travel issues

Posted in Dogs, Rabies, Vaccination
Importation issues, Part 1 A Facebook post was forwarded to me the other day. It reads “Drove to the airport today to pick up this lovely little girl [puppy] who flew all the way to Montreal from Baku Azerbaijan. Spent the afternoon with her romping around in Westmount Park. She will be up for adoption… Continue Reading

OAHN Podcast on Rabies for Ontario Veterinarians

Posted in Rabies
The new Ontario Animal Health Network, developed as part of the OMAFRA-UofG partnership under the Disease Surveillance Plan (DSP), has produced a number of podcasts on important topics for veterinarians.  These podcasts are great for people on-the-go, as they can be downloaded and played anywhere on a portable device/phone, and they include discussions with experts… Continue Reading

US dog importation and rabies vaccination

Posted in Rabies
I’ve written a lot lately about importation of pets and associated infectious disease issues. A recent paper in the journal Zoonoses and Public Health (Sinclair et al, Dogs entering the United States from rabies-endemic countries, 2011-2012) provides some interesting data on this topic. Dogs entering the US from countries where rabies is present must be… Continue Reading

2013 US rabies recap

Posted in Rabies
It’s that time of year. No, not for snow (although it is snowing here at the moment). It’s time for the annual US rabies surveillance report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Dyer et al. Rabies surveillance in the United States during 2013). The highlights… Over 5800 rabid animals were identified in… Continue Reading

More on rabies and roadkill

Posted in Rabies
A reader recently posed a question about the potential risk of rabies virus exposure from running over a rabid animal. I get the "can I get rabies from touching roadkill?" question regularly, but this person had a different concern. “The other day I accidentally plowed right over an already-dead animal in the road. My air… Continue Reading

Raccoon rabies…what is exposure?

Posted in Rabies
A recent report about a rabid raccoon in New Brunswick highlights a few different issues regarding rabies exposure, and the marked differences in application and interpretation of various guidelines. The incident occurred in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, where a family came home "to find their 2 dogs excitedly circling around something in the yard. The… Continue Reading

Rabies myth-busters 101: Cats and bats

Posted in Rabies
Rabies is a very serious disease.  We’re very lucky in Canada that in most parts of the country the prevalence of this disease is now quite low, in large part due to wildlife control and vaccination efforts.  Unfortunately that also seems to make some people quite lax when it comes to (common sense) things like… Continue Reading

Rabies in upstate New York horse

Posted in Rabies
Rabies in horses is pretty rare but far from unheard of, and each case should be a reminder of the need for proper vaccination. The latest US case was a horse in Newport, New York, but I haven’t yet been able to track down more details. Presumably, human and animal contacts are being investigated, with… Continue Reading

Rabies vaccination for travelers

Posted in Rabies
For an almost invariably fatal disease, people sometimes take a surprisingly lax approach to rabies prevention. Much attention is paid to vaccination of pets (well, not by everyone, but it’s pretty good) – and that’s great, but sometimes people do a better job of vaccinating their dogs than themselves. It’s not because they care about… Continue Reading

More non-bite-associated rabies

Posted in Rabies
The other day, I wrote about a case of rabies not associated with a bite. An recent article in the Journal of Clinical Virology (Simani et al 2012) describes six other such cases from Iran. Case 1: A veterinary technician was infected through contact of broken skin with saliva. The man had scratched skin on his… Continue Reading

Rabies in Toronto man

Posted in Rabies
Toronto Public Health has confirmed the diagnosis of rabies in a person in the city of Toronto, the first such diagnosis since 1931. Details are limited at this point, but there appears to be strong suspicion that this is a travel-associated infection. The affected person is a 41-year-old man who was working in the Dominican… Continue Reading

Human rabies imported from Haiti

Posted in Rabies
Last summer, I wrote about rabies in person from New Jersey, and now the full report about the case is available. The unfortunate victim was a 73-year-old Haitian women. She initially went to an emergency room with a complaint of right shoulder pain, chest pain, headaches and high blood pressure. Difficulty swallowing was also noted when… Continue Reading

More US bat rabies

Posted in Rabies
Following on the heels of a case of bat-associated rabies in a South Carolina woman, a Massachusetts man has contracted rabies. Little information is currently available, although authorities state that they believe he was exposed by a bat in his home. News reports state that he’s in critical condition but it’s unfortunately very unlikely that… Continue Reading

More info about rabies survival

Posted in Rabies
A few more details are available about the apparent case of a person surviving rabies infection that I also wrote about in a post a few days ago. The affected individual is an eight-year-old girl from Willow Creek, California. She initially had non-specific signs of illness (which is not unusual for rabies) and at her… Continue Reading

Rabies in “petting zoo” animals

Posted in Rabies
Rabies in a lamb and cow at a petting zoo (or more accurately, in a communal group of hobby animals) has been reported in Israel. This follows identification of rabies in another lamb from the same group last week. Little is reported about possible sources of infection of these animals, at Kibbutz Neve Eitan, or… Continue Reading

Rabies vaccination of kids in the Philippines

Posted in Rabies
The Philippine Information Agency has issued a press release detailing a rabies vaccination program for 5000 public school children in the province of Camiguin. This is prophylactic (preventive) vaccination, not post-exposure treatment. Routine rabies vaccination is recommended for people at increased risk of exposure. Classically, this involves veterinary personnel, people working with wildlife, people working with… Continue Reading

Boy attacked by beaver

Posted in Rabies
A five-year-old Oklahoma boy is recovering after being attacked by a beaver.  Beaver and attack aren’t two words that you usually put together, but in this case the boy went to pet a 60 lb beaver that he saw outside and it proceeded to attack him, taking a "chunk out of his calf" in the… Continue Reading

Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis for dogs

Posted in Dogs, Rabies, Vaccination
If an unvaccinated person is exposed to rabies (usually by a bite), they undergo post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), consisting of an injection of anti-rabies antibodies and a series of 4 or 5 vaccines. (It used to be 5, but it was recently recommended to drop this to 4). This is a highly effective protocol which basically… Continue Reading

Rabies death in Indiana

Posted in Other animals, Rabies
An Indiana woman has died of rabies. Little information is currently available.  Reports state that bat rabies was involved but that the source of exposure was not known. Presumably, they have determined that she was infected by the bat rabies variant (strain), but she didn’t report being bitten or otherwise exposed to a bat. Bat… Continue Reading

Rabies and roadkill

Posted in Cats, Dogs, Other animals, Rabies
Here’s a recent question: "Can a rabies virus get into the body if you pick up a dead animal the roadway and have a cut on your hand? I understand the animal has to carry the rabies virus but sometimes we don’t know what killed the animal. It may be infected and didn’t use due… Continue Reading