A recent report from South Carolina stated that 3 cats were euthanized because they were exposed to a rabid raccoon. One of the cats was acting strangely and may have actually  been infected with rabies (it is being tested). The other two cats appeared healthy, but none of them had been vaccinated for rabies, so the only options were to euthanize the animals or quarantine them for 6 months. In South Carolina, such a quarantine entails keeping the animals at a veterinary clinic or in a cage in an isolated room or yard, 24 hour a day. The owners did not want to quarantine the cats so they chose to have them euthanized instead. If the cats had been vaccinated, a much shorter and easier quarantine period could have been applied. Rabies vaccination is a cheap, easy and effective way of protecting pets and the public.

If you care about your family and your pets, vaccinate you pets against rabies.

More information about rabies is available in our Resources page.