A Royal Oak, Michigan resident is undergoing rabies post-exposure prophylaxis after being bitten by a rabid cat. The person found a sick cat by the side of the road and took it to a vet clinic… a good deed in theory, but problematic in many ways. One obvious risk is the potential for rabies exposure, as occurred here. The cat was subsequently diagnosed as rabid, and having been bitten the good samaritan was clearly exposed. Fortunately, the veterinarian kept the contact information for the person who dropped off the cat, who can therefore now receive the necessary treatment.

Associated with this event, the Royal Oak Animal Shelter has issued the following reminder:

  1. Do not approach any animal if it appears sick. Call the Police to get animal control involved.
  2. Tell your children to stay away from any stray animals, whether they are skunks, dogs, or cats. Any of these could be infected.
  3. Vaccinate your dogs for rabies. It is the law.
  4. If you let your cats outside, STOP doing so. If you can’t stop, please make sure your cats are vaccinated for rabies.
  5. If they already have been vaccinated, talk to your veterinary professional about having a booster administered to protect your animal. There is no cure for this deadly disease.

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