Surprisingly (at least to me), I don’t hear much about individuals suing other people because of infectious diseases in their horses (apart from sporadic situations involving veterinary hospitals). I’m not saying the increasingly litigious nature of society is a good thing, but I can see how lawsuits could happen given the costs associated with infectious diseases, the emotions that can be involved and the lack of a well-defined standard of care.

The potential for liability isn’t necessarily a bad thing IF it motivates people to do what’s right. While ideally it wouldn’t take the threat of financial loss to properly motivate someone, it can be a useful argument. Our first strangles poster touched on social influences as a motivator (i.e. if you do something that causes other peoples’ horses to get sick, you’re not going to be popular). Our second poster (below) addresses the potential for liability, which I think is particularly real when people knowingly move horses from a farm with strangles, especially when they don’t notify the new farm about the potential for strangles exposure and take appropriate precautions.