Sorry… nothing to do with zoonotic diseases, but still entertaining. Our two iPads stopped working over one weekend last October. Figuring they were destined for recycling, I came across some internet posts that said “whack it.” I figured that I had nothing to lose and if nothing else, I’d get the satisfaction of beating on an Apple product. However, it worked. They came back to life with some pretty solid impacts (my knee was sore after) and have needed periodic "re-treatments" since. Lately, one has required a pretty solid thrashing with a rubber mallet, as can be seen in the video.

  • Maureen

    Apparently you can believe some of the things you read on the internet… and try them at home!

  • Janice in GA

    Back when I repaired equipment, we called this an “impact adjustment.” :)

  • Wyatt in GA

    Thanks for the post. I thought I just got lucky after inadvertently resurrecting my Wife’s fuzzy ipad by dropping it on the floor.