While we have hopefully been able to contain our two recent H3N2 canine influenza clusters in Canada (more on that later), this virus continues to spread in some parts of the US, particularly Northern California and Nevada.

  • Since the last update from IDEXX Laboratories on February 2nd, they have identified another 164 cases in the US.
  • Big increases have been identified in Nevada, which went from 7 to 85 cases in 10 days.
  • California cases increased from 243 to 328.
  • The increases come from new cases in the core outbreak areas, as well as extension of the range. Concerningly, this includes identification of the first positive case in Los Angeles (a city with a lot of dogs).

The diagnosed cases also probably just represent the tip of the iceberg, since most dogs with respiratory disease don’t get tested. So, while the true scope of the problem is hard to define, it’s clear that it’s still spreading.

The images below, courtesy of IDEXX, provide a nice update.