Canine influenza virus (CIV) has been re-introduced to Ontario, again in the Muskoka region.  Variant typing for the latest case should be available shortly, but in all likelihood this is once again H3N2 CIV.

More details will follow; however, dog owners and veterinarians in this region should be aware of the return of this highly contagious canine virus. Testing of sick dogs and their contacts, as well as quarantine of infected and exposed animals, is important to help contain the virus. The previous introduction in early 2018 was successfully contained through an aggressive response, and the goal is to do the same this time, to prevent establishment of the virus in the dog population.

Veterinarians can check out the Worms & Germs infosheet on H3N2 CIV for more information and tips on basic precautions to help control the spread of CIV at the clinic level.