The latest companion animal infographic from the Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN) is now available!  Currently the network is working on a series of infographics focused on good antimicrobial stewardship.  Stewardship includes knowing when NOT to use antimicrobials, and what to use when antimicrobials are needed.  Guidance is available from leading veterinary infection control experts, through the open-access ISCAID Guidelines for the diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy of canine superficial bacterial folliculitis (Hillier et al. 2014)Click here to download the infographic in pdf.

The infographic is a handy visual reminder of things to think about when dealing with some of these itchy dogs as the weather warms up.  You can also find more infographics and resources on  If you are a veterinarian or technician, you can sign up for the quarterly companion animal OAHN report, and also help contribute to disease surveillance in Ontario through our 5-minute clinical impressions survey once every quarter!