March 2020

I took a break from COVID-19 to play around with some animation (of… well, COVID-19 stuff.  It was still a nice diversion though).

Anyway, here’s a quick animation for pet owners about social distancing practices in veterinary clinics. It was my first crack at animation, but if anyone wants to use it, you should be

Based on what we knew from the original SARS virus and the similarity with SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19), we expected ferrets to be one of the species that could be susceptible to infection with the latter. When ferrets were infected with the SARS virus, they got sick (unlike cats that just shed the virus).

Une traduction française de notre document récent, La médecine vétérinaire en période de restriction des services électifs et de distanciation sociale, est maintenant disponible. Traduit par Dre Nathalie Therrien, MV (merci beaucoup!).

For the English version, please see our previous post on veterinary medicine, essential services and social distancing.

I’ve written a lot about COVID-19 issues in veterinary medicine, but most of that material has focused on brick-and-mortar practices. There are lots of mobile veterinarians out there too, and they have different challenges with COVID-19.  Small animal mobile veterinarians are at increased risk of exposure because they go into households where they can’t use