Une traduction française de notre document récent, La médecine vétérinaire en période de restriction des services électifs et de distanciation sociale, est maintenant disponible. Traduit par Dre Nathalie Therrien, MV (merci beaucoup!).

For the English version, please see our previous post on veterinary medicine, essential services and social distancing.

I’ve written a lot about COVID-19 issues in veterinary medicine, but most of that material has focused on brick-and-mortar practices. There are lots of mobile veterinarians out there too, and they have different challenges with COVID-19.  Small animal mobile veterinarians are at increased risk of exposure because they go into households where they can’t use

It’s still an evolving area with many unknowns, so definitive statements about COVID-19 and animals are often lacking.  We realize we might change some recommendations as we continue to regularly re-assess the evidence. Nonetheless, here’s the most recent information for the public on COVID-19 and animals from the Government of Canada (specifically the Canadian Food

With all the stress of these extraordinary times, there are countless good news stories about people stepping up to help. These often get buried amid the scarier news stories, but they’re important to recognize – not that people are doing it for recognition, but to show our resilience. I never thought I’d be writing about