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Rabies death in Indiana

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An Indiana woman has died of rabies. Little information is currently available.  Reports state that bat rabies was involved but that the source of exposure was not known. Presumably, they have determined that she was infected by the bat rabies variant (strain), but she didn’t report being bitten or otherwise exposed to a bat. Bat… Continue Reading

Rabies tales from Los Angeles County

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  This comic, based on actual (and unfortunately common) events, was developed by Los Angeles County Veterinary Public Health. It’s a good example of novel ways of communication regarding zoonotic diseases. More information from Los Angeles County Veterinary Public Health (and apparently future editions of Rabies Tales) can be found on their website.… Continue Reading

Bat bite in the park

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A Montreal man is undergoing rabies post-exposure treatment after being bitten by a bat in Lachine’s Summerlea Park. He found the bat lying on the ground and when he picked it up to take a closer look (surprise, surprise) the bat bit him. This incident shows yet again the need for better rabies education. While… Continue Reading

European bat lyssavirus in cats

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Some areas of the world are fortunate enough to be rabies-free. However, there’s a closely related virus that is of concern in many of these areas: European bat lyssavirus (EBLV). This virus is present in bats in various countries and can occasionally be transmitted to other animals. A recent report in the journal Emerging Infectious… Continue Reading

Human rabies in Missouri

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A 55-year-old man in Missouri recently died of rabies.  He was the first human rabies victim in that state in close to 50 years. He was apparently bitten by a bat in mid-October and started to show signs of rabies about six months later. This tragic incident highlights a few important points. All bats should… Continue Reading

Rabies in the US in 2007

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A recent report in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association by Jesse Blanton and colleagues provided a detailed report of rabies infection in the US in 2007. Here are some of the more interesting points: Rabies was diagnosed in 7 258 animals and 1 person. That’s a 4.6% increase in animals from 2006, but… Continue Reading

Stupid things done with bats

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I’m constantly amazed at what some people do with bats. Bats are a leading cause of human rabies exposure in North America.  Despite extensive efforts to educate people about the importance of avoiding contact with bats, some people still either don’t know or don’t take these warnings seriously. The latest bizarre example of stupid things… Continue Reading

Deadly Hendra virus resurfaces in Australia

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A small outbreak of the potentially deadly Hendra virus was identified in a group of horses near Brisbane, Australia. This virus has caused periodic cases of illness and death in horses, and can be transmitted to people working closely with infected horses. In the latest outbreak, 3 horses have died, making this the worst outbreak… Continue Reading

Rabies awareness month

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June has been declared Rabies Awareness Month in New York State. The focus of the occasion is on education, particularly with respect to bats.  Since 1990, 38 of 41 human rabies cases in the US  involved bats. Approximately one-third of bats tested in New York are positive for rabies. In 2007, 559 animals were confirmed… Continue Reading