A dog attacks someone and is shot by police.

  • Unfortunate, but sadly it happens.

The sheriff’s investigator notifies the county health department, which says the dog needs to be tested for rabies.

  • Good. That sometimes gets missed.

The investigator then tells the owner that he has to remove the dog’s head or he’ll face a

While waiting in line to check-in for a flight in Orlando, a JetBlue passenger was bitten by a dog. This raises lots of issues and questions, and for the bitten individual, she’s dealing with a pretty nasty bite and also the potential need for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis.

  • She was bitten while checking in, so

Dangerous dogs need to be addressed. Actually, it’s dangerous dog-owner pairs that are the issue, since there’s almost always a major human component to this kind of behaviour.  Unfortunately, we can’t mandate common sense.

Cities have taken a variety of approaches to the issue of dog bites and dangerous dogs, ranging from nothing to breed