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Animals in Child Care Facilities: New Guidance

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Animals are not uncommonly found in daycares and other childcare settings. Sometimes, it’s good: animals can be entertaining, animal contact can have various benefits to children, and animals can be part of learning activities. Other times, it’s not: such as the presence of species at higher risk for shedding certain pathogens, poor management that increases… Continue Reading

African dwarf frog Salmonella outbreak recap

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I’ve written about the African dwarf frog and Salmonella issue before, but it’s worth a recap since an overview of the 2008-2011 outbreak was recently published in the journal Pediatrics (Mettee Zarecki et al 2013). The fact that reptiles and amphibians can carry Salmonella is nothing new, nor is the fact that outbreaks of disease… Continue Reading

Reptiles, pet stores and child care

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My youngest daughter Erin is in every-other-day kindergarten and goes to a child care centre on her non-school days. Overall, it’s a great place – excellent people, great learning environment and she enjoys herself. During the initial interview at the centre, what I do for a living came up and we got into a discussion about… Continue Reading

Baby chicks in preschools

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Just last week I blogged about concerns regarding young children handling baby chicks in classrooms.  Baby chicks are high-risk animals because of the potential for transmission of Salmonella.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children less than 5 years of age not have contact with baby chicks for this reason. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading