MiceDirect, a company that sells frozen mice, rats and chicks as reptile feed, has issued a recall because of Salmonella contamination of their product. Contaminated critters have been sold across the US (except Hawaii) through mail order and pet stores, and recalled product codes can be found in the FDA recall notice. Contamination

While I hate to initiate another round of emails from raw diet supporters, here are a few of the more common questions that I get about these diets and some answers:

I use frozen raw food. Doesn’t freezing kill harmful microorganisms?

  • No. Freezing is an effective way to eliminate most parasites (with an adequately

PetProductNews.com reports that Nature’s Variety, a raw pet food company, has unveiled results of a recent "research study" on their products. Whenever you see "research," especially on the web, you need to consider whether it’s really valid scientific information or a marketing ploy. This particular case certainly doesn’t seem like anything approaching real research.