After an extensive development and review process, an Equine Biosecurity Risk Calculator (click here) is now available online on the Equine Guelph website. This joint venture of Equine Guelph and Colorado State University, with support from the AAEP Foundation and Vetoquinol, is designed to offer practical advice on equine infectious disease risk and control.

While no one can really give an exact number regarding "risk" of infectious diseases on any particular equine facility, it is possible to identify areas in need of improvement. That’s what this "calculator" is designed to do. Horse owners can complete the online questionnaire and get a general assessment of risk, plus detailed information about areas of concern. The calculator is free to use and no identifying information is collected.

Every horse owner should try this and see what areas are identified that could be improved. While facilities are quite variable in their application of infection control practices, I’ve yet to encounter a "perfect" facility – undoubtedly everyone will get at least a few ideas to consider to help reduce the risk of infectious disease in their animals.