The Public Health Agency of Canada, along with various partners (including the Worms&Germs team), has developed a set of informational postcards and a poster targeting pet owners and prospective pet owners.  They emphasize five critical steps for safe pet ownership and provide a visual reminder using infographic icons:

  • WASH (your hands)
  • DISINFECT (contaminated surfaces and objects)
  • SEPARATE (animals and their supplies from food areas)
  • SUPERVISE (children with pets)
  • PROTECT (yourself and your family by making smart choices about a new pet)

The sheets can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

Healthy Pets, Healthy People (8.5″ x 11″poster, general)

Reptiles and Amphibians (two-sided postcard)

Rodents (two-sided postcard)

More information on their campaigns can be found on the PHAC Facebook page.

poster-healthy-animals-affiche-animaux-en-sante-eng copy postcard-rodents-carte-rongeurs-vivants-eng copy postcard-reptiles-and-amphibians-carte-reptiles-et-amphibiens-eng copy title