Miami-Dade County, like some other regions, has banned pit bulls. We have the same ban here in Ontario. While there’s a lot of debate over the quality and usefulness of such bans, the law is the law… until you find a loophole. 

That appears to be the case in Miami-Dade, where a growing number of pit bulls are being registered as service animals to make them exempt from the ban. This loophole could basically render the ban irrelevant considering there are no requirements for any special certification of service animals, and people are very limited in what they can ask regarding the service animal and its owner. Basically, once someone says "that’s my service animal" the case is closed, since officials may not ask about why the person needs a service animal or require any proof that it’s really a properly trained bonafide service animal.

This is just one more example of problems created by the vague nature of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) when it comes to service animals. Continued questionable activities like this run the risk of creating barriers for people that truly need service animals. Unfortunately, until the government addresses this issue and ensures that there is some control over what constitutes a service animal, such abuses will persist.

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