A Florida woman is facing criminal charges after biting someone at a vet clinic. Kathleen Minneker took her two dogs to the Affordable Animal Care Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida, for grooming. She showed up an hour late and became irate when the grooming wasn’t finished on time. At that point, Ms. Minneker apparently lost it, and attacked clinic owner, Gina Brashear, who ended up covered in bites, bruises and scatches. Brashear explained "a chunk is gone off my finger and a chunk off my toe." All this was from the irate customer, not the dogs. In a bit of an understatement, Brashear said "She’s a biter."

Brashear is now receiving antibiotics to prevent bite-associated infection, something that can result from human bites just like from animal bites.

There’s no word on whether Ms. Minneker was up to date on her rabies shots. Unlike a dog, Ms. Minneker will not be quarantined for 10 days to make sure she does not have rabies, however she may end up with a somewhat longer confinement period courtesy of the State of Florida.

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