It’s great to see some places taking service dog fraud seriously. I’ve ranted about this before because I’m a strong believer in the need for service dogs to have full access, and the need to make sure that’s not screwed up by selfish people who don’t actually have a service dog. Too many people are claiming their pets are service dogs to be allowed to take them places where they are banned, and too many unethical companies sell paraphernalia that people use to “identify” their dogs as a “service dogs”. When things go wrong, or when people get fed up and start to assume that any dog not accompanying a blind person is a fake, the true service dogs get compromised. As reported in the National PostThey may continue to overrun grocery stores and airplane cabins in the rest of the continent, but a new provincial law is declaring fake service animals will no longer be welcome in British Columbia.” British Columbia’s proposed Guide Dog & Service Dog Act would result in true service dogs being given government-issued identification. It’s great to see – and it’s about time.  Other jurisdictions should be following this closely.