The table below has the latest H3N2 canine influenza numbers from IDEXX Laboratories. Some of the highlights include:

  • Numbers continue to increase. Northern California and Nevada are the hotbeds, with northern CA cases increasing to 343 and Nevada 151. As always, these are just the tested cases, and they presumably represent a small minority of affected dogs.
  • Expansion of flu continues in northern California, with spread to the north, east and south.
  • The concern about spread to and within Los Angeles has decreased for the moment, as the previously reported LA case turned out to have been a dog from northern CA. However, if it keeps spreading, southern CA is certainly in the line of fire.

What about the Ontario situation? So far, things seem to be under control. No further cases have been identified outside the two initial clusters. While the risk remains, it’s possible that canine flu is no longer in the country (knock on lots of wood).