With all the stress of these extraordinary times, there are countless good news stories about people stepping up to help. These often get buried amid the scarier news stories, but they’re important to recognize – not that people are doing it for recognition, but to show our resilience. I never thought I’d be writing about distilleries supplying healthcare, but it’s happening in various areas as distillers divert their alcohol for hand sanitizers, providing them the healthcare facilities that are rapidly running out.

We have a good example here in Guelph, where Dixon’s Distilled Spirits is producing hand sanitizer. As healthcare facilities run out of this critical infection control tool, measures like this can mean a lot, and every little bit helps.

My reference to community also means our local girls hockey community. As a coach, the sudden stop to the hockey season means a major lifestyle change. The girls hockey community has a prominent role in this story, though. The Dixons are hockey parents (I’ve coached their daughter). Scott Walton, veteran and coach of our association’s top tier girls team (as well as my coaching mentor) told me about their work and has been part of the bottling brigade. Larry Gabel, in the middle of the picture, is probably more famously known now as the father of Loren Gabel, Team Canada hockey player.

A small but encouraging story amid all the stressful news.