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Equine infectious anemia in Canada

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A recent cluster of equine infectious anemia (EIA) cases in Saskatchewan highlights the personal side of EIA control. EIA is a serious insect-borne viral disease of horses that can cause illness ranging from mild to fatal. Some horses recover uneventfully but are then potential sources of the virus for others, and disease can build up slowly and silently… Continue Reading

Equine Infectious Anemia: New info sheet

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Although at times it may seem that winter is never-ending in parts of Canada, spring is actually only a couple of months away.  Along with spring comes insect season, and along with insects comes more than a few viruses.  One of these is the virus that causes equine infectious anemia (EIA).  This pathogen is a… Continue Reading

Transfusion-associated equine infectious anemia

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A few years ago, I looked out my kitchen window one holiday morning and saw a newborn foal running outside of a fence line. The foal had been born to my neighbours’ mare, a maiden mare, and they were out of town. The mare had rejected the foal and wasn’t interested in any of my… Continue Reading

Equine Infectious Anemia: Outbreak Out West

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This week an article on TheHorse.com discussed the current situation in the western provinces of Canada with regard to equine infectious anemia (EIA).  The prairies are seeing the highest number of EIA cases in years, with more than 70 horses affected on 22 different properties. Also commonly called "swamp fever," EIA is caused by a… Continue Reading

EIA Outbreak In Arkansas

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A large equine infectious anemia (EIA) outbreak has claimed the lives of 40 Arkansas horses. The outbreak has hopefully been contained to one farm in Johnson County. Two horses on the farm died from this viral disease, while 38 others were euthanized, presumably because they tested positive. Approximately 40 other horses are on the farm,… Continue Reading

Equine Infectious Disease Information Sheets

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EQUINE INFECTIOUS DISEASE INFORMATION SHEETS Click on any of the highlighted links below for more information about these horse-related infectious disease topics. Topics that are not highlighted are in development and coming soon. New information will be added as it becomes available, so be sure to check this page regularly for the latest updates. Bacteria… Continue Reading