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Canine Giardia in a person

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As someone who has had Giardia (including one episode that put me in the hospital when I was in vet school), I know how bad it can be. However, my concern about the human health risks from dogs with Giardia has been pretty low. Giardia comes in several different “assemblages” (types) and these types like different hosts.… Continue Reading

Giardia in dogs

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The parasite Giardia often raises concern for both dog and human health. In reality, while it’s a potential problem, it’s probably over-rated (or at least there’s a bit too much paranoia at times). A reasonabe percentage of healthy dogs (probably ~7% in Ontario) are shedding the parasite at any given time, but very few will… Continue Reading

Shelter Giardia outbreak from birds?

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The Redlands Animal Shelter in California is looking into bird control measures after blaming Giardia infections in dogs on exposure to wild bird poop. On Facebook, Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals have declared "We have a serious problem with birds at the shelter. They land on the kennels and poop goes into the water bowls… Continue Reading

Giardia in dogs and cats in Ontario

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Dr. Andrew Peregrine, a veterinary parasitologist at the Ontario Veterinary College, presented some data about the types of Giardia found in dogs and cats in Ontario at this week’s University of Guelph Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses annual meeting. A lot of attention has been paid to Giardia types in recent years. That’s because,… Continue Reading

Chinchillas and Giardia

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One concern with uncommon pets is our relatively poor understanding of the infectious agents they may carry. For our "established" pet species, we have a reasonable understanding of what bugs tend to be present and which animals may be at higher risk. The less common the pet, the less research tends to be available, making… Continue Reading

Dogs and Giardia types

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While the potential health risks to people exposed to dogs with Giardia have received a lot of attention (and concern), there’s more and more evidence indicating that dogs pose a very limited risk to people. Giardia is a protozoal parasite that can cause diarrhea in numerous animal species, including people and dogs. It can also… Continue Reading

Giardia in London (UK) shelter

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A recent paper in the journal Veterinary Parasitology (Upjohn et al 2010) described a study looking at Giardia infections in dogs in a central London shelter. The researchers collected a fecal samples from dogs within 1 day of arrival and tested them for Giardia. 21% of dogs were shedding Giardia on arrival at the shelter. Shedding… Continue Reading

Giardia outbreak closes shelter

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A Fort McMurray (Alberta) SPCA shelter has been closed because of a Giardia outbreak. Giardia is an intestinal parasite that can cause diarrhea in dogs (and other species, including people) but can also be found in about 7% of healthy dogs. Giardia infection was confirmed in four dogs in the shelter, which led to the rather… Continue Reading

Giardia in dog parks

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There is a recent paper in Preventive Veterinary Medicine about a study of Giardia in canine stool samples collected from urban green areas around Pisa, Italy (Papini et al). The authors went to parks and similar areas and collected stool samples off the ground. They then tested the samples for the presence of Giardia and (very… Continue Reading

More on Giardia in healthy dogs

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New research provides more information on the debate about testing and treating of healthy dogs for Giardia. Two abstracts on the subject by researchers at Colorado State University were presented at the recent American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine conference. In the first study (Clark et al), fecal samples were collected from 220 healthy dogs.… Continue Reading

Giardia and high-risk households

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Giardia is a relatively common protozoal parasite that can cause diarrhea in people and dogs (among other species). It can also be present in healthy pets, with most studies reporting Giardia shedding in approximately 7% of healthy dogs. While recent research indicates that a large percentage of dogs with Giardia carry types that do not… Continue Reading

Parasite exposure from pets

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A recent study from the Netherlands investigated the prevalence of zoonotic parasites in pet feces and on pets’ haircoats. The authors sampled feces and fur from dogs and cats, and looked for Toxocara (roundworms), Toxoplasma, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. All these parasites are of concern from a public health standpoint because they can be found in… Continue Reading

Are all Giardia created alike?

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Giardia is a protozoal parasite that can cause diarrhea in multiple animal species. This microscopic parasite is a zoonotic pathogen that can be transmitted between animals and humans, and there are conerns about the role of pets in human disease.  Various studies have evaluated the presence of Giardia in healthy dogs and, to a lesser degree,… Continue Reading

Research finds 10% of dogs may make their owners sick

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This rather sensational title is from a Murdoch University (Australia) news article regarding a study of intestinal parasites in Australian dogs. It certainly grabs one’s attention. For me, the article brings to mind two different trains of thought: 1) Far more than 10% of dogs could make their owners sick.  Be it dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas… Continue Reading

Banning Bowser from the beach

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Many dog owners love to take their canine companions to the beach with them during the summer. Unfortunately, other people (particularly non-dog owners) sometimes take exception to having Bowser on the beach. These individuals often cite potential infectious disease risks as a reason to ban dogs from the beach. While there are some potential infectious… Continue Reading

Information Sheets for Pet Owners

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INFORMATION SHEETS FOR PET OWNERS INFORMATION SHEETS specifically for KIDS, for VETERINARIANS, for PHYSICIANS and for PUBLIC HEALTH PERSONNEL are also available on the Worms & Germs RESOURCES page! Click on the highlighted topics below for information sheets. Topics that are not highlighted are in development and coming soon. Sheets for other animal species and diseases are… Continue Reading