The Worms & Germs blog has officially been active for one year, and look how far it’s come! Just last week we surpassed 100 000 unique hits since our launch. We now regularly have over 1000 unique hits on the site per day during the week, and the numbers are still growing. The current swine flu outbreak has emphasized once again the importance of zoonotic diseases in the world today, and the diminishing division between human and animal health.  It’s great that we’re able to provide a reliable source of information about zoonotic infectious diseases to such a wide and diverse audience.

Everyone involved in Worms & Germs would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors who come to our site, and especially those who keep coming back for more! Please continue to help us spread the word about zoonotic disease control and safe, responsible pet ownership. Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome!  -Scott & Maureen