It may just be that the Brits write about it more, but it certainly seems that there is a lot more concern and indignation among Brits regarding people who fail to pick up after their pets. Some of their magistrates also seem to share that concern, much to the chagrin of a UK man.

Adrian Davis of Chorley, UK (northeast of Liverpool) was observed failing to pick up feces from his dog while on a walk in a local park.  He claimed that he didn’t have any bags to pick up the feces, but the argument didn’t work. He was fined 75 pounds and given a bag to clean up the mess.

At this point, the logical approach is to suck it up and pay the fine, and maybe learn something in the process. Ignoring the legal process is never a good idea, as Mr. Davis subsequently found out. Attempts by council to obtain payment were ignored, and he was eventually taken to court. He didn’t show up, and ended up with the 75-pound fine, a 150-pound fine for failing to attend, 295 pounds in costs and a 15-pound victim surcharge.

That would have bought a lot of plastic bags.

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