Here’s a question that I get commonly: “What do I do to an outdoor area that might have been contaminated by a dog with parvovirus?

There’s not a lot of research to back anything up, but understanding the virus and some basic principles helps us come up with some reasonable recommendations.

Parvovirus is…

The latest edition of the journal Orbit (a journal dealing with eyes, not planets) describes an uncommon infection linked to a pet dog. The article (Zuberbuhler et al 2012) outlines ‘acute unilateral dacryocystitis‘ in a 23-month-old girl (translation: .acute=sudden, unilateral=one side, dacryocystitis=inflammation of the nasolacrimal system, which is made up of a

It may just be that the Brits write about it more, but it certainly seems that there is a lot more concern and indignation among Brits regarding people who fail to pick up after their pets. Some of their magistrates also seem to share that concern, much to the chagrin of a UK man.