In Canada (like most places), there’s no semblance of a formal surveillance program for infectious diseases of companion animals. We’re left with anecdotes and whatever short-term research projects we can put together to try to figure out what’s happening in our companion animal populations. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Over the past month or two, I’ve been hearing more rumblings about canine parvovirus infections in dogs in Ontario. Nothing too dramatic, just a spike in calls and emails about cases, mainly typical parvo cases (e.g. disease in young and un- or inadequately-vaccinated puppies, outbreaks in groups like shelters and breeding kennels) with some cases that seem more severe and some in dogs that seem to have appropriate vaccination history or in older dogs. It doesn’t seem to be due to a focal outbreak, since these may be occurring in a few different regions in Ontario. This type of anecdotal information is far from definitive but enough to start asking questions.

I’m not the only one who’s been hearing this. The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association has had enquiries and has been receiving more information from Ontario vets, so they have put out a press release indicating that something might be going on with regard to parvovirus in the province, and emphasizing the need for proper vaccination and preventive medical care for dogs.

So is something happening in Ontario? I’m still not sure. Sometimes situations like these are just because people are talking and we’re hearing more about little clusters that go on all the time under the radar. However, this could be real and caused by a variety of factors such as decreasing vaccination rates, increased parvovirus circulation in some regions or a change in parvovirus strains.

The only way to truly figure out what’s happening is to get more data. That’s not an easy proposition since surveillance networks aren’t established and there’s no money to do any disease surveillance like this. However, Ontario veterinarians who are seeing parvo cases can feel free to provide more info and to send samples for typing.