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Another dog importation issue

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A GoFundMe campaign is underway to pay the vet bills for a sick dog that was imported from Ecuador. The whole story can be found on the site but the quick version is as follows: Someone from the Ottawa area was in Quito and saw a street puppy she liked. On her last day in… Continue Reading

Parvo poop and the outdoor environment

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Here’s a question that I get commonly: “What do I do to an outdoor area that might have been contaminated by a dog with parvovirus?” There’s not a lot of research to back anything up, but understanding the virus and some basic principles helps us come up with some reasonable recommendations. Parvovirus is… Highly tolerant… Continue Reading

Parvo (again) in a Georgia animal shelter

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For the third time in the past year, Macon-Bill Animal Welfare in Georgia (USA) has a problem with canine parvovirus. The shelter is closed for two weeks in response to a puppy testing positive for this highly contagious virus that can cause serious disease in dogs (almost exclusively in unvaccinated puppies). At first glance, it… Continue Reading

Parvo problems in Ontario?

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In Canada (like most places), there’s no semblance of a formal surveillance program for infectious diseases of companion animals. We’re left with anecdotes and whatever short-term research projects we can put together to try to figure out what’s happening in our companion animal populations. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Over the past month or… Continue Reading

Canine parvovirus in cats

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An interesting and frankly somewhat scary report in an upcoming issue of Veterinary Microbiology (Clegg et al 2012) provides further information suggesting that cats might be a source of canine parvovirus infection. This potentially fatal infection, which typically affects young unvaccinated (or inadequately vaccinated) puppies, is a major problem, and outbreaks occur (not uncommonly)  in… Continue Reading

Occupy San Francisco’s canine parvo outbreak

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A parvovirus outbreak has been identified at the Occupy San Francisco camp, with at least three dogs affected by the highly contagious and potentially very serious viral disease. The San Francisco SPCA has visited the camp and their temporary clinic was attended by "dozens" of dog owners (indicating lots of dogs at the camp). This… Continue Reading

Disinfectants and questionable advertising

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Disinfectants aren’t very important for your average pet owner. They are more of an issue for kennels and veterinary hospitals, but there are situations where disinfection of an area contaminated by a pet might be needed.This is particularly true for certain microorganisms that can persist in the environment for a long time. The "poster bug"… Continue Reading

Internet advice: The good, the bad and the ugly

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The internet can be a strange place at times. You can find great, reputable and unbiased information right next to complete garbage. Often, the garbage is pretty apparent, but sometimes it’s dressed up well or mixed in with some good information. That’s a problem with veterinary advice and information sites. Among the creative myths identified… Continue Reading

Tamiflu and parvovirus in dogs

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A somewhat controversial study has just been published in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (Savigny et al 2010). The study looked at the use of Tamiflu (oseltamivir) for the treatment of parvovirus infection in dogs. Tamiflu is best known as a potentially important influenza drug in humans. It’s a neuraminidase inhibitor that can… Continue Reading

Oprah’s Parvo Pups

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The latest issue of Oprah’s magazine "O" features the icon talking about her recent puppy dog adoption drama involving canine parvovirus. It just goes to show that even the pets of the biggest celebrities in the world are not beyond the reach of common microscopic infectious pathogens. A couple of months back, Oprah adopted two… Continue Reading

Parvo in the park

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A park in Orange County, Florida has been closed because a dog with canine parvovirus was found in the park.  Canine parvovirus is a potentially serious infection in dogs (mainly puppies) that can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. In some cases, it can be fatal.  Proper vaccination against parvovirus is critical for puppies. In Orange… Continue Reading

Parvovirus and Fifth Disease

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Numerous outbreaks of Fifth Disease have been reported internationally. That, itself, is not particularly newsworthy because outbreaks are quite common and disease is typically mild.  In children, Fifth Disease typically causes a rash on the face, trunk and limbs. The same type of rash can occur in adults, as can joint point or swelling. Severe… Continue Reading