The latest issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice includes a number of chapters on infectious diseases that have been making regular appearances on this blog, including rabies, influenza, brucellosis, Lyme disease, and more, as well as chapters on certain feline-specific infectious diseases.  Check out the full table of contents and summaries here.

While we can’t provide direct access to the full content of the issue, we worked directly on two of the chapters (along with our colleague Dr. Jason Stull from The Ohio State University) and are therefore able to share the author links to the sections on the dynamic nature of canine and feline infectious disease risks in the 21st century, and the impact of dog transport on high-risk infectious diseases.  These links will be active until June 22, 2019, after that access will only be by subscription (institutional or otherwise) or purchase.  If you can, we encourage you to check out the other great content in this issue as well!