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Bordetella infection in a transplant recipient

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It’s easy to write a series of posts about oddball infections. I often wonder whether it’s worth highlighting some of these rare disease reports since it’s possible for them to be taken out of context and unnecessarily freak people out. Yet, they often have a couple of useful messages. A paper in an upcoming edition of… Continue Reading

Bordetella infection from cat to child

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Case reports of infections acquired from pets are sporadically found in the human medical literature. A common problem with these reports is the failure to look for true evidence of zoonotic transmission. The typical thought process is "We found this bug in a person, it’s most often found in animals, so this person must have… Continue Reading

Bordetella bronchiseptica infection in a cancer patient…kitten suspected as source

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A paper in the Journal of Neurooncology (Redelman-Sidi et al, 2011) describes "kitten-transmitted Bordetella bronchiseptica infection" in a cancer patient. The patient in question had a brain tumour that was surgically removed. The 56-year-old man was then started on chemotherapy, which in addition to killing cancer cells can also cause significant impairment of the immune… Continue Reading

Can I get kennel cough from my dog?

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Kennel cough is a highly infectious respiratory disease in dogs. The disease got its name because infection and outbreaks often occur in kennels, where many dogs from various backgrounds are mixed together.  Some of the dogs in kennels may be carrying infectious diseases, and other dogs may be very susceptible these diseases – putting them… Continue Reading