When it comes to public health concerns about staphylococcal bacteria from pets, most of the attention gets paid to methicillin-resistant strains like MRSA. That’s not surprising considering how important MRSA is in human medicine. However, staph that aren’t methicillin-resistant can also be a problem, since they can cause the same types of infections that resistant

Using logic akin to "Chocolate cake? It has flour, eggs and milk. It’s virtually health food. You should eat it every day.", AllPetNews.com has an article on its site entitled "Dog saliva has healing properties." The article focuses on potential beneficial compounds in saliva, with specific reference to a University of

I was asked this the other day, in regards to a post about pets and recurrent strep infections in people: "You listed a few things to remember and one of them was how the pet might be an "innocent bystander infected by a family member."  Is there any indication that a dog  might get