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A bird, some fish and a near amputation: Bizarre headline but an important story

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Why is it that zoonotic disease case reports in the scientific literature sometimes get titles that are…well, let’s just say “creative.” A recent example of a strange headline for an interesting case report is “The Brief Case: A Fishy Tale Prevents Digital Doom following Polly’s Peck—the Importance of Pets in a Comprehensive Medical History” published in… Continue Reading

Serious infection from a fish tank

Posted in Other animals
A California teen has been battling a chronic and severe infection acquired from a fish tank. Five years ago, Hannele Cox cut her hand when she pulled it out of an aquarium. It sounds like it was a pretty minor scratch, but it doesn’t take much to cause an infection under the right circumstances. A… Continue Reading

Wierd Mycobacterium infection in a ferret

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A letter in Emerging Infectious Diseases (Ludwig et al 2011) describes an uncommon Mycobacterium infection in a pet ferret, with potential human health concerns. The three-year-old ferret from Germany was taken to a veterinarian with a five-month history of coughing, recent weight loss, vomiting and mild diarrhea. A chest radiograph was taken and "nodular densities"… Continue Reading

Mycobacterium bovis… don’t blame the cows?

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I recently wrote about Mycobacterium bovis, the cause of bovine TB and a pathogen that can be transmitted to people and rarely to pets. A reader made the following comment: "Having come across your very interesting blog, I was questioning/wondering whether your statement regarding Mycobacterium bovis, "whose main natural reservoir is cattle", is in fact… Continue Reading