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More Canine H3N2 Influenza in Cats

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, canine H3N2 influenza has been found in a group of cats in the US. Canine H3N2 influenza is the strain that emerged in the US last year. It was likely imported (in a dog) from South Korea, and then spread through many parts of the country. As with H3N8 canine flu, we’ve been… Continue Reading

Rabies exposure in a shelter, again

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As I mentioned a few days ago, eliminating the risk of rabies in animal shelters is pretty much impossible. Another shelter-associated rabies exposure situation highlights the problems. A cat at the Washington Area Humane Society was recently diagnosed with rabies, resulting in three people receiving post-exposure prophylaxis (i.e. rabies antibodies and a series of rabies… Continue Reading

Rabid dog fostered from a shelter

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Yes, that’s an "oops," but it’s also not completely preventable. A stray dog and her 6 puppies were sent to a foster home recently by a South Boston, VA animal shelter. It’s a common and logical thing to do, to get the puppies into a lower risk environment until they are old enough to be… Continue Reading

Animal shelter rabies questions

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A few questions were sent in by a reader regarding a recent post about rabies in a Texas animal shelter. They’re good ones so I thought I’d cover them here. I’m a little confused by this. Weren’t these shelter dogs vaccinated? Probably not. Many shelters don’t vaccinate against rabies. There are a few reasons for… Continue Reading

Parvo (again) in a Georgia animal shelter

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For the third time in the past year, Macon-Bill Animal Welfare in Georgia (USA) has a problem with canine parvovirus. The shelter is closed for two weeks in response to a puppy testing positive for this highly contagious virus that can cause serious disease in dogs (almost exclusively in unvaccinated puppies). At first glance, it… Continue Reading

Shelter euthanasia reporting…good or bad?

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A proposed Florida bill would require shelter operators to produce monthly and annual euthanasia reports. The reported goal of the effort is to "reduce euthanasia of unwanted animals." But how? The idea has various pros and cons. Potential good points More transparency: Euthanasia rates are often considered the "dirty secret" of the shelter world. In… Continue Reading

Guelph Humane Society reopens

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The Guelph Humane Society has re-opened after a temporary closure to manage a potential ringworm outbreak. The shelter took an aggressive, proactive approach to the issue, including testing and treatment of all animals and thorough disinfection of the facility. Looking back on a proactive outbreak response like this one, it’s always hard to say if… Continue Reading

Newmarket OSPCA in the news…again

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On my way to Beth’s soccer practice yesterday, I heard a blurb on the radio about how Frank Klees, MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) told the legislature that the Newmarket OSPCA was going to euthanize all their animals because of a ringworm outbreak, and that three employees had been fired because they objected to the number… Continue Reading

Another shelter outbreak…a different response

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‘Tis the season for ringworm, I guess. The Guelph Humane Society has closed to visitors, and adoptions have been suspended in response to concerns about the potential for a ringworm outbreak. Implementing a proactive response, all animals are being tested for ringworm and all cats are being treated. While the scope of the problem isn’t yet… Continue Reading

KW shelter ringworm outbreak continues

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As expected, the KW humane society ringworm outbreak has gone from "we’ll be open in a couple days" to "it may take months to clear it up." The scope of the outbreak isn’t really clear from press reports, but "a couple" of other animals now have signs of the skin disease. Investigation of the timing… Continue Reading

KW Humane Society outbreak update

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The latest info on the ringworm outbreak at the KW Human society come from the Waterloo Record (unfortunately there’s still no information on the Humane Society’s own website…). The facility was closed to the public on August 4th because three cats and one dog were showing unspecified signs of ringworm. Samples were collected for testing,… Continue Reading

Local shelter ringworm outbreak

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A short distance down the road from here, the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society has been quarantined because of an apparent ringworm outbreak. There’s no information on the facility’s website and information in the press has been pretty vague (both concerning aspects), but it sounds like a ringworm outbreak. Adoptions have been ceased and the Humane Society… Continue Reading

Shelter Giardia outbreak from birds?

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The Redlands Animal Shelter in California is looking into bird control measures after blaming Giardia infections in dogs on exposure to wild bird poop. On Facebook, Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals have declared "We have a serious problem with birds at the shelter. They land on the kennels and poop goes into the water bowls… Continue Reading

Niagara (NY) SPCA under scrutiny

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The executive director of the SPCA of Niagara is under pressure from charges that he’s "presided over the killing of hundreds of animals." As is common with shelter controversies, sorting through the emotion and rhetoric is difficult. At best, running a shelter can be a thankless task, due to the overwhelming number of animals, emotion, lack… Continue Reading

Animal shelter outbreaks

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Infectious diseases are continuous challenges for animal shelters. Unfortunately, outbreaks are not uncommon. Sometimes they’re the result bad luck and the inherent risks involved in bringing together  lots of animals of questionable health status from different sources. However, if you compound these risks with things like inadequate facilities, overcrowding, poor training of personnel, poor adherence… Continue Reading

Rabies in an animal shelter

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Today’s edition of CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report includes a report about rabies exposure in an animal shelter. The situation occurred in March 2010, when a stray dog taken to a North Dakota animal shelter was diagnosed with rabies. An investigation was undertaken to look into human and animal exposure. Potential exposure was investigated… Continue Reading