A UK man is recovering from a tarantula bite that occurred when he, apparently in a drunken stupor, encouraged the venomous critter to bite him. (I suspect the "victim" has a pretty high endogenous level of stupidity, because I don’t think you could get me drunk enough to say "Hey, maybe I should let an enormous venomous spider bite me!")

The character in question, Peter Saunders, stated "It was completely my own fault. I provoked the spider into biting me on my index finger so I can’t complain about the consequences at all." At least the statement demonstrates some degree of logical thought. He ended up getting more than he bargained for, since the bite was a lot more painful than he anticipated. The day after the bite (presumably along with a massive hangover), Mr. Saunders’ arm went numb and he was given various antibiotics to help treat a suspected secondary infection.

Unfortunately, the moment of clarity represented by his understanding that it was all his fault passed quickly since "… this incident has not put him off keeping these pets and he is considering buying more exotic creatures in the future." Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to see what it feels like when an African lion chews on his throat.

Photo: Fort Hall Baboon Tarantula (source: www.lotsalegs.tenczar.net)