Hopefully this is the last time I’ll take up a blog post to send out a request, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m helping Dixon’s Distilled Spirits repurpose their alcohol to make hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve donated a few thousand litres of hand sanitizer to healthcare providers and first responders over a wide area in the province, including Kingston, Owen Sound, Brantford and Cambridge (for those of you from outside Ontario – that’s a pretty big range).

They have lots of alcohol, and with the help of Worms & Germs Blog readers we even found a source of hydrogen peroxide, but we’re still trying to find a large volume supplier of glycerol. If anyone reading this in Ontario has a connection with a company that makes glycerol that could go into hand sanitizer, please let me know directly at jsweese@uoguelph.ca.

Lots of people are stepping up to do good things during this outbreak. If anyone can help us find more glycerol, that would be great.