As I mentioned recently, a local distillery here in Guelph, Dixon’s Distilled Spirits, has started producing hand sanitizer for healthcare facilities and essential services to help with the supply shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m helping them manufacture it according to World Health Organization guidelines, mainly by helping to scavenge the two non-alcohol ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and glycerol. I’ve cleaned out what I had, have ordered what I can find (but it’s stuck with the courier) and other University of Guelph labs have stepped up to donate as well. However, peroxide and glycerol (especially the peroxide) are still the limiting ingredients. They can make lots of alcohol but we need more of the other components. If there are any companies in southern Ontario area that can provide either of these (ideally in large volumes) please contact me at

 People and companies are stepping up and being creative to help in tough times. Let’s support them.