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Update: Petland puppy Campylobacter outbreak (Jan 29)

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I was talking to someone today about their new puppy, their puppy’s diarrhea and (take a guess) the fact that they developed diarrhea shortly thereafter. Odds are pretty good that puppy and owner both have campylobacteriosis. While this infection isn’t related to the ongoing US multistate Campylobacter outbreak linked to puppies from Petland stores, it’s… Continue Reading

New pig disease arrives in Ontario

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It was only a matter of time, so it’s not particularly surprising, but a potentially devastating pig disease has made its way into Ontario. It’s not a concern to people or other animals, but it’s worth mentioning here anyway (both to say it’s not a public health or non-pig health concern, and since it’s a… Continue Reading

Fecal cytology in dogs. What does it mean?

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Life with Merlin is going fairly well and the house training has been surprisingly good (so far). He was straining a bit to poop yesterday so I was wondering if diarrhea was on the way. Diarrhea wouldn’t be too surprising since he’s had a pretty good shock to his system with a big lifestyle change… Continue Reading

More canine norovirus

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I’m not really sure what to think about canine norovirus. Is it a rare, oddball infection or is it an important, overlooked and/or emerging problem? There are only a few reports of norovirus infections in dogs, but I doubt many people are looking for it. I’ve looked for it a few times during outbreaks, but… Continue Reading

Dog deaths linked to Queen Elizabeth’s estate

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An investigation is underway regarding mysterious deaths of dogs that have been walked in public areas of Sandringham, the Queen’s 20 000 acre estate in Norfolk. Gastrointestinal disease, consisting of vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy, has afflicted an unknown number of dogs. One area veterinarian reports five deaths and four dogs with serious illness. No cause… Continue Reading

Diagnosing Salmonella

Posted in Cats
Recent Salmonella recalls have led to some questions about the best way to diagnose salmonellosis in dogs and cats. The first issue is when to test. In general, there is no indication to test healthy animals. Testing should be reserved for animals with diarrhea or other signs of salmonellosis (e.g. fever). When testing is indicated,… Continue Reading

The things my dogs eats…

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Yesterday morning, I found part of a goose carcass in the backyard. Yesterday afternoon, I found more of it… in a pile of dog vomit on the dining room floor. (Yes, my dog’s an idiot, but that’s a separate story). Between the vomiting and my dog’s rather solid gut, there hasn’t been any diarrhea, at least… Continue Reading

Over-indulgence: Canine-style

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As we approach the holidays, a lot of people are going to eat and/or drink too much, and suffer the consequences. The same can happen with dogs, and sometimes both the dog and their owner pay the price. Dogs get into things they shouldn’t all the time… too much food, garbage, dead critters and various… Continue Reading

Severe diarrhea outbreak in Florida dogs

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Tuttle Animal Medical Center in Florida has reported six dogs with severe bloody diarrhea, vomiting and fever, over the past month. The affected dogs were from the same general area in Sarasota County, and all but one died within 24 hours. However, care must be taken when interpreting information such as this. Apparently, most dogs… Continue Reading