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Rabies in the news

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I’m taking a Brucella break to post a few interesting rabies stories. More rabies in Nunavut A rabies warning was issued to residents of Taloyoak, Nunavut in response to identification of rabies in “a number” of dogs and foxes (I’m not sure what that number is). This isn’t really new, as Arctic fox rabies is… Continue Reading

Cooperating on Q Fever

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Another surge in the number of cases of Q fever in people in the Netherlands has been reported.  Prior to 2007, the average number of cases of Q fever per year in the country was only 15.  In 2007 there were 192 cases, and last year there were 958 cases, making this the largest community… Continue Reading

Google goes green with goats

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The burgeoning green movement has scored another victory at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The facility has fields around it that are cut periodically to control weeds and reduce fire hazards.  Google has recently exchanged lawnmowers for a herd of goats. Someone is now paid to bring in a herd of about 200 goats which spends… Continue Reading