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More Brucella canis: Ontario

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This is another one of those “I can’t say much specific because of privacy laws, but there’s so much social media paranoia that I have to say something.” Is there concern about Brucella canis in Ontario? Yes. We have been concerned about this bacterium for a while, particularly in imported dogs and commercial breeders (including… Continue Reading

Brucella canis infection from a puppy

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An abstract for the upcoming CSTE (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists) conference in California describes a rare but concerning case of Brucella canis infection in a child. All I have to go by is the abstract (since the meeting hasn’t happened yet and I won’t be there anyway), but it provides an interesting outline.… Continue Reading

Puppy seizure on Vancouver Island

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The British Columbia SPCA has seized 71 dogs, including 43 puppies, from a Vancouver Island woman and is planning on recommending cruelty charges. The dogs were seized from Green Acres Kennels because of various health problems that were believed to be the result of bad breeding and inadequate care. Numerous congenital abnormalities were identified, strongly suggesting… Continue Reading

Beware of the “Rango” effect

Posted in Reptiles
When a particular animal species or breed gets a lot of attention, such as through a popular movie or TV show, there’s sometimes a major increase in people wanting one as a pet. The proliferation of Dalmatians after 101 Dalmatians, and people buying Jack Russell terriers in response to Eddie from Frasier are only two… Continue Reading

Canine brucellosis in a puppy mill

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ProMed recently reported about an outbreak of canine brucellosis at a "puppy farm" in Ireland. Farm is definitely the appropriate word in this case, since this operation had about 700 breeding females. The picture on the right is not from this farm, but I imagine it’s a similar operation. Beyond the concerns about humane management… Continue Reading

Stop the presses: sick puppies from a pet store!

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It should come as no surprise that puppies (and kittens, and pretty much any type of animal) from pet stores can carry infectious diseases. The same can be said about puppies (and kittens, and pretty much any type of animal) from other sources. It’s really a question of the relative degree of risk. Particularly when… Continue Reading

Do you know where ‘that doggy in the window’ came from?

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Nearly 700 dogs were seized in the largest puppy mill raid ever in Tennessee. Puppy mills are large scale breeding operations that produce large numbers of puppies under questionable to horrible conditions. They typically raise dogs under intensive conditions, such as in cages in barns. There may be little attention to the quality of parents,… Continue Reading