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Raw food recall…with a twist

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I don’t usually write about recalls of raw pet foods because… well, finding Salmonella, E. coli or Listeria in raw meat is far from surprising (although certainly concerning). However, the recent recall of Stella & Chewy’s products because of Listeria contamination is noteworthy. Why? Because their food is treated with high pressure pasteurization (HPP). This… Continue Reading

Pet treat recalls…how to reduce the risk

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Lately there has been a run of pet treat recalls due to Salmonella contamination (with the latest one courtesy of "Diggin’ Your Dog"), but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Salmonella contamination of raw animal-based pet treats has been reported for years. It’s not just a risk to dogs, since outbreaks of salmonellosis… Continue Reading

Pet treat recall questions

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I tend not to write about recalls but the recent, large and expanding pet treat recall has lead to a lot of questions that are worth discussing. At last report, treats manufactured by Kasel Associates Industries Inc from April 20-Sept 19, 2012 were potentially contaminated with Salmonella and recalled.  Not surprisingly, most of the recalled… Continue Reading

E coli outbreak and dog risks

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I’ve had a few (well… more than a few) calls about potential risks to animals from the large Canadian E. coli O157 beef recall. The main concern is for dogs that are fed potentially contaminated raw meat that has been recalled, but there is also potential for exposure through cross-contamination if people in the household… Continue Reading

Diamond pet food lawsuit

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It’s not the first, and it’s a safe bet it’s not the last, but a lawsuit has been filed against Diamond Pet Foods in response to a case of salmonellosis in a New Jersey infant. The lawsuit claims (probably correctly) that the infant acquired Salmonella from contaminated dog food that was in the household. The… Continue Reading

And so it continues…Diamond Pet Food Recall

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The title from Food Safety News‘ latest report says it all: "After eight expansions, how big is the Diamond Pet Foods Recall?" It’s disturbing that we can’t answer that question, considering the contamination stretches back to 2011 and now it’s apparent that there are problems with another one of their plants. Accordingly to Food Safety… Continue Reading

Diamond Pet Food outbreak continues. Diamond Pet Food Communications..not so much.

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The large recall and salmonellosis outbreak associated with a variety of foods produced by Diamond Pet Foods continues to expand, in terms of species involved, the number of cases, the number of recalled products and geographic scope. The only thing that’s not expanding in information from the company. Reports (of varying strength) of Salmonella cases in… Continue Reading

Diamond Pet Food recall questions

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I’m getting a lot of questions now about canine aspects of this recall, so I’ve addressed my take on some of the important issues below. Can Salmonella cause disease in dogs? Absolutely. The common myth about dogs being immune to Salmonella (mainly found on raw food sites) is just that: a myth. Dogs can and… Continue Reading

Diamond Pet Foods Salmonella outbreak

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After starting off like a simple recall of potentially Salmonella-contaminated dry pet food, the Diamond Pet Food problem has now expanded into a multistate outbreak of salmonellosis in humans linked to exposure to the contaminated pet food. At last count, there were 14 affected people from 9 US states, including 5 who required hospitalization. These numbers… Continue Reading

Animal first aid kit recall

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Earlier this year, there was a large recall of pre-packaged alcohol wipes made by Triad Group because of bacterial contamination and implication of the wipes in a large number of human infections. While alcohol is used as an antiseptic, bacterial spores are inherently resistant to the effects of alcohol and contamination with spore-forming bacteria can… Continue Reading

Another pet treat recall

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Jones Natural Chews Company has recalled 2705 boxes of pig ear treats because of a "potential" for contamination with Salmonella. The recall was the result of a routine sampling program by the Washington State Department of Agriculture which revealed that the finished products contained the bacteria. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Salmonella contamination of raw… Continue Reading

Another pet treat recall

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Merrick Pet Care has recalled Junior Texas Taffy pet treats because of the potential for contamination with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported but contamination of treats could pose a risk to both pets and owners. Contamination of pet treats is not uncommonly reported, but the overall scope of the problem isn’t well understood. Outbreaks… Continue Reading

Pet food (beef) recall: Canada

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have issued warnings about frozen beef pet food made by Surrey Meat Packers of Cloverdale, BC. The Beef Pet Food consisted of frozen 500 g blocks of beef (presumably raw) sold between October 8 and 23, that may contain E. coli… Continue Reading

Pet food/Salmonella outbreak

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An article released today in the journal Pediatrics (Behravesh et al, 2010) provides more information about a salmonellosis outbreak linked to pet food. The outbreak itself is old news – I commented about it almost two years ago. What is new is the detailed epidemiological analysis of the outbreak, and there is some interesting information in… Continue Reading

Salmonella recalls: When to test

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The recent run of Salmonella recalls in dry foods, raw foods and supplements has resulted in a lot of questions about when animals should be tested for Salmonella. In general, testing is only indicated in animals that have disease suggestive of salmonellosis. Diarrhea is the main issue, but other problems such as fever, decreased appetite… Continue Reading

Expanded Iams recall

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Following on the heels of a limited recall of feline dry renal diets because of potential contamination with Salmonella, Proctor and Gamble has now recalled all Iams Veterinary Dry Products, as well as Eukanuba Naturally Wild, Eukanuba Pure and Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin. These products are sold across the US and Canada, and all products… Continue Reading

Frozen mice recall: Salmonella

Posted in Reptiles
MiceDirect, a company that sells frozen mice, rats and chicks as reptile feed, has issued a recall because of Salmonella contamination of their product. Contaminated critters have been sold across the US (except Hawaii) through mail order and pet stores, and recalled product codes can be found in the FDA recall notice. Contamination isn’t a… Continue Reading

Iams recall: Salmonella

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Proctor and Gamble has announced a recall of two lots of Iams’ Veterinary Formulas Feline Renal, a prescription dry cat food. The lot numbers are 01384174B4 and 01384174B2. Anyone that has this food should stop using it immediately. Since these are prescription diets that should only be available through a veterinarian, affected customers should presumably… Continue Reading

Salmonella recalls

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A couple of more Salmonella recalls have occurred recently. Feline’s Pride Natural Chicken Formula, a raw chicken diet, has been recalled, as has Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken, a kibble diet. Finding Salmonella in commercial raw diets is expected and I’m surprised about the recalls that have happened. If you buy raw meat, you need to… Continue Reading

Salmonella recall: Pet vitamins

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All lots of "Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamins" have been recalled by United Pet Group, Inc. because of Salmonella contamination. At least one lot has tested positive for Salmonella, although there is no mention about whether the bacterium was detected during routine testing or in response to a problem. Regardless, Salmonella contamination of these products is… Continue Reading

Raw food recall expanded

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Nature’s Variety has expanded their recall based on more concerns about Salmonella contamination of their products. In a lot of ways, this makes no sense to me since you have to assume that raw meat is contaminated with Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and various other pathogens. That’s been clearly shown in studies of raw meat… Continue Reading

Raw food recall: Salmonella

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Nature’s Variety has recalled chicken-based raw meat products because of Salmonella contamination. After a customer complaint about "digestive problems," they tested the food and found Salmonella, prompting the recall. (For more details about the recall, click here.)  In some ways, this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you think Salmonella contamination should… Continue Reading

Listeriosis in a dog from recalled meat?

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A Windsor, Ontario woman is convinced that her dog acquired listeriosis afetr eating recalled hot dogs.  Last week, Maple Leaf Foods recalled various hot dog products because of low-level contamination with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, the cause of listeriosis. Her dog Tigger was fed four hot dogs one evening, and the next morning starting vomiting.… Continue Reading

Bird seed recall: Salmonella

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As you undoubtedly know, a large Salmonella outbreak has occurred in the US, associated with contaminated peanuts. The scope of this outbreak continues to expand in unexpected areas, including pets. The latest development is a voluntary recall of bird seed. The recall affects 20-pound packages of Wild Birds Unlimited Wildlife Blend bird food (produced by… Continue Reading