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Pets and strep

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An upcoming article in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases entitled "Zoonoses in the bedroom" has attracted some attention in the press. I haven’t been able to access a copy yet, but will probably write about it soon. However, one article that was written about the paper had a pretty weak lead-in piece: "Nikki Moustaki knew something… Continue Reading

Group A strep and dogs

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I was asked this the other day, in regards to a post about pets and recurrent strep infections in people: "You listed a few things to remember and one of them was how the pet might be an "innocent bystander infected by a family member."  Is there any indication that a dog  might get sick… Continue Reading

Strep throat – Don’t blame your dog!

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My wife has a lousy immune system. She’s a good indicator of whatever infectious diseases are circulating in the region. After running through a stretch where our whole family was biohazardous (baby with a cold, older two with two different bugs that they then spread to each other), Heather developed strep throat. This common bacterial… Continue Reading

Pets and strep throat

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Another question that I periodically get asked is about pets (mainly dogs) and strep throat. The usual situation is a household where there has been strep throat in multiple family members or where someone, usually a child, has had repeated bouts of strep throat. People ask whether their pet could be the source. Strep throat… Continue Reading