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Hot off the press… the newest edition of the International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases (ISCAID) guidelines for the diagnosis and management of bacterial urinary tract infections in dogs and cats has been published in The Veterinary Journal. These are updated and expanded clinical guidelines that have been in the works for the

Cat paws over faceWhen we’re faced with making decisions about treatments, “show me the evidence” is a common refrain. There are a lot of products being sold as “cures” but with little or no evidence to back up their claims. So, looking for any scientific backing is important.  One of the highest levels of evidence would be a

The internet can be a strange place at times. You can find great, reputable and unbiased information right next to complete garbage. Often, the garbage is pretty apparent, but sometimes it’s dressed up well or mixed in with some good information. That’s a problem with veterinary advice and information sites.

Among the creative myths identified

Urinary tract infections are quite common in dogs. (They’re uncommon in cats, but a lot of cats get treated with antibiotics for non-infectious urinary tract disease.) An important aspect of managing urinary tract infections (UTIs) is getting a proper diagnosis. Diagnosing a UTI involves a few different things:

  • Clinical signs: Does the animal have

A reader’s question to InsideToronto.com highlights numerous issues with antibiotic misuse is pets (and people). Here’s the situation, with my comments.

The reader has a cocker spaniel that’s had a urinary tract infection for a year. She took it to her vet and a urine culture was recommended but she declined it. Antibiotics were prescribed

In contrast to dogs, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are uncommon in cats, although urinary tract disease is very common.  The vast, vast majority of cats with signs of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) (e.g. straining to urinate, frequent urination, bloody urine) do not have an infection.  However, many cats with urinary tract disease are

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common problem in dogs, especially female dogs. UTIs are also a common reason for antibiotic use in dogs.  Unfortunately the use of antibiotics for canine UTIs is commonly inappropriate, in one way or another – in some cases the drug selected is inappropriate, while in others the length of