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Rabies knowledge of vets and physicians

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I spend a lot of time answering questions about rabies exposures, and sometimes trying to clear up misinformation. Rabies is a very important infectious disease but in many regions (like here) it’s fortunately rare in domestic animals and people. However, rarity can breed complacency or lack of (or loss of) knowledge. That creates problems when… Continue Reading

Zoonoses for physicians

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I just read a recent Medscape article entitled Human-Animal Interactions: a primer for clinicians. I assumed it would be one more relatively generic article about zoonoses, focusing on agriculture. Some of those aspects were there, but it had a lot more depth than I expected and went beyond the same old superficial talking points. The… Continue Reading

Physicians, vets and zoonotic diseases

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People like to talk about "one medicine" a lot. It refers to the concept that we’re all animals, and that human and veterinary medicine should be one big happy family of healthcare providers that maintain the health of the entire family, human and non-human. I get a bit jaded talking about one medicine because there’s… Continue Reading

Psittacosis (parrot fever) in Taipei

Posted in Birds
A 44-year-old Taipei man is recovering from psittacosis, a potentially severe infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila psittaci, which he may have contracted from his pet bird. This bacterium is commonly found in certain bird species, particularly psittacines (parrot family), and human infections are typically associated with bird contact. Healthy birds can shed the bacterium… Continue Reading

Putting “One Medicine” into action

Posted in Dogs
People like to talk about the "one medicine" concept. It’s a great concept, but my big issue with it is there’s a lot of talk but not a lot of action. One way of thinking about "one medicine" in terms of people and pets is to focus on the health of the entire household as… Continue Reading

Doctors, pets and vets Part 2: We need to talk

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Recently, I wrote a post about the need for vets and physicians to communicate more, and about concerns that zoonotic diseases get missed because vets deal with animals and physicians deal with people, but few people pay attention to the interface between them. A reader (my father, actually) wrote this comment. “…is the opposite also… Continue Reading

Doctors, pets and vets

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Over 50% of households in Canada and the US have pets, and the numbers are probably similar in many other countries. Pets are often considered part of the family socially but we need to consider them part of the family biologically as well. It’s clear that diseases that be transmitted between people and pets –… Continue Reading