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Vesciular stomatitis in Colorado

Posted in Horses
Vesicular stomatitis (VS) has been reported in a horse in Las Animas County, Colorado. It’s the first diagnosed case in the state since 2006, but it’s not particularly surprising since this viral disease is periodically identified in horses in various parts of the US, and this case may be associated with northward movement of the… Continue Reading

More Moroccan rabies

Posted in Dogs
While rare, Morocco continues to be a source of rabies in European animals. The latest case involved a puppy imported into the Netherlands. The (somewhat) brief version of what happened goes like this: On Jan 28, 2012, a Dutch couple bought an 8-week-old puppy in a parking lot in Morocco. The puppy was taken to… Continue Reading

Equine Quarantine Recommendations

Posted in equIDblog
Quarantine is an important, effective and underused practice on horse farms. Quarantine can reduce the risk of introducing new infectious agents to animals on the farm or limit the spread of something that’s already starting to circulate through the herd. A recent article from TheHorse.com gives a good overview of why and how to implement… Continue Reading

Another EHV-1 Equine Hospital Quarantine

Posted in equIDblog
Once again, an equine hospital is under quarantine because of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1). There have been a number of such incidents this year, highlighting both the increasing concern with this important pathogen and perhaps more transparency and willingness on the part of hospitals to take aggressive infection control measures when it is detected.… Continue Reading

Hendra virus in a dog

Posted in Dogs
Adding a new twist to the already very concerning situation in Australia, Hendra virus infection has now also been identified in a dog. It’s been a bad year for Hendra virus in Australia, with larger numbers of cases of this highly fatal disease in horses in a geographic range that seems to be expanding. Spread… Continue Reading