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Raw food recall expanded

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Nature’s Variety has expanded their recall based on more concerns about Salmonella contamination of their products. In a lot of ways, this makes no sense to me since you have to assume that raw meat is contaminated with Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and various other pathogens. That’s been clearly shown in studies of raw meat… Continue Reading

Risks of Raw – More evidence

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A study by Erin Leonard of the University of Guelph and others, that has just been published in the journal Zoonoses and Public Health, once again points to the increased risk of Salmonella shedding associated with feeding raw diets to dogs.  The study looked at 138 dogs from 84 households in Ontario.  One-quarter of households… Continue Reading

Raw food recall: Salmonella

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Nature’s Variety has recalled chicken-based raw meat products because of Salmonella contamination. After a customer complaint about "digestive problems," they tested the food and found Salmonella, prompting the recall. (For more details about the recall, click here.)  In some ways, this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you think Salmonella contamination should… Continue Reading

Organic meat is not sterile!

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I frequently get e-mails from people who are proponents of feeding raw meat to pets. The e-mails often start by calling me an idiot, and they generally go downhill from there. Some, however, go into detail about why they think there are no health concerns for themselves or their pets associated with feeding raw meat.… Continue Reading

Nontraditional Pets and Children: Beware

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A report about the health risks in children associated with nontraditional pets was recently published in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The report also discusses diseases associated with animals in public settings such as petting zoos and pet stores.  Although contact with pets and animals can be beneficial to growth… Continue Reading

Rawhide treat recall: Salmonella

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Hartz Mountain Corporation has voluntarily recalled one lot of its chicken-basted rawhide chews for dogs because of potential contamination with Salmonella.  Rawhide treats, as the name suggests, are raw treats that  are literally made from the hide of typically cattle or pigs. The finding of Salmonella in rawhide treats is not particularly surprising, since Salmonella… Continue Reading

Raw meat feeding revisted, part II: So you want to feed raw meat to your pet…

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Because of the significantly higher rates of shedding of certain potentially harmful bacteria by dogs that are fed raw meat, I think raw meat diets are a bad choice – especially in households with young children, elderly individuals or people with compromised immune systems. However, if you are going to feed raw meat to your pet,… Continue Reading

Raw meat feeding revisited: what are the risks and benefits of raw diets for dogs?

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Feeding raw meat diets to dogs is a very controversial issue. Some proponents passionately advocate these diets (e.g. the BARF diet) based on vague and unproven recommendations. Opponents cite various studies showing that pets fed raw meat (not surprisingly) have high carriage rates of potentially harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, and reports of diarrhea or nutritional… Continue Reading

Echinococcus and hydatid disease – not your average tapeworm

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A previous Worms & Germs post talked about the (very low) zoonotic risk of the tapeworm most commonly found in dogs and cats, Dipylidium caninum. Dogs can also carry other species of tapeworm, such as Taenia pisiformis, which cannot be naturally transmitted to people. But dogs can also carry tapeworms from the genus Echinococcus, the most common… Continue Reading

Salmonella-contaminated pet food

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The CDC has released the findings of an investigation of a prolonged multistate outbreak of salmonellosis that was linked to dry dog food in 2006-2007. This outbreak implicated two different dog food brands, both made by the same manufacturer in the same plant in Pennsylvania, as the source of a particular strain of Salmonella Schwarzengrund. … Continue Reading

Information Sheets for Pet Owners

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INFORMATION SHEETS FOR PET OWNERS INFORMATION SHEETS specifically for KIDS, for VETERINARIANS, for PHYSICIANS and for PUBLIC HEALTH PERSONNEL are also available on the Worms & Germs RESOURCES page! Click on the highlighted topics below for information sheets. Topics that are not highlighted are in development and coming soon. Sheets for other animal species and diseases are… Continue Reading