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Rabid dog fostered from a shelter

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Yes, that’s an "oops," but it’s also not completely preventable. A stray dog and her 6 puppies were sent to a foster home recently by a South Boston, VA animal shelter. It’s a common and logical thing to do, to get the puppies into a lower risk environment until they are old enough to be… Continue Reading

Rabies update

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ProMed Mail‘s monthly US rabies update often contains some interesting cases, and the last one is no exception. A llama in Georgia became aggressive, started biting itself and was spitting at one of its caretakers. A spitting llama certainly doesn’t mean rabies (I have dodged enough llama spitballs to know that) but any sudden change… Continue Reading

Israel issues rabies travel warning for tourists to India

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Israel’s Health Ministry is recommending rabies vaccination for people traveling to India.This seems to be mainly in response to the recent high-profile case of an English woman who died of rabies acquired from a dog in India. While it was high-profile, that certainly wasn’t the only travel-associated rabies infection in the past year.  Rabies exposure… Continue Reading

Latest round of rabies news

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ProMed’s latest accumulation of rabies reports has the typical mix of domestic animal and wildlife rabies cases, and some recurring themes. Fox / dog / human, North Carolina In this case, a rabid fox had a "direct encounter" with several people, then it was killed by a dog. Three people have started post-exposure treatment. The… Continue Reading

Niagara (NY) SPCA under scrutiny

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The executive director of the SPCA of Niagara is under pressure from charges that he’s "presided over the killing of hundreds of animals." As is common with shelter controversies, sorting through the emotion and rhetoric is difficult. At best, running a shelter can be a thankless task, due to the overwhelming number of animals, emotion, lack… Continue Reading

Dog rescue issues

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The Toronto Star has an article describing the efforts of Naz Sayani to bring home a group of street dogs from India. As an animal lover, she was touched by the number of stray dogs roaming around New Delhi while accompanying her daughter to India for medical treatment. She borrowed a car and started driving… Continue Reading

Miami Beach’s Cat Poop Map

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Miami Beach officials, disturbed by reports of a hookworm outbreak, have taken a rather unique approach to the problem: they’ve created a cat and cat poop map. This fall, several cases of cutaneous larval migrans were reported – and highly publicized – in the Miami Beach area, something that is of particular concern for a… Continue Reading

No good deed goes unpunished: Cat rabies version

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A Royal Oak, Michigan resident is undergoing rabies post-exposure prophylaxis after being bitten by a rabid cat. The person found a sick cat by the side of the road and took it to a vet clinic… a good deed in theory, but problematic in many ways. One obvious risk is the potential for rabies exposure,… Continue Reading

Infectious disease considerations for fostering pets

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Humane societies and shelters are often overwhelmed by the number of animals that come in. It’s pretty uncommon to see much (if any) empty space in most shelters, and overcapacity shelters lead to increased risk of disease transmission, outbreaks and suboptimal care of the animals that are there. One way of helping deal with overcrowding… Continue Reading

Rabies galore

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ProMed’s monthly rabies update contains some recurring themes: A couple of incidents of dog versus rabid raccoon. The dog usually comes out on top, but the raccoon can exact revenge at the end of the day through the need for quarantine or euthanasia. If the dog is not vaccinated, a long quarantine or euthanasia is… Continue Reading

Trap/neuter/release controversy

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Trap/neuter/release (TNR) programs involve trapping feral (stray) cats, then spaying or neutering and vaccinating them. Some cats are adopted, while the majority are released. The goal is to reduce the feral cat population by limiting the number of breeding animals, and to increase overall vaccine coverage in order to reduce illness and deaths. One such TNR… Continue Reading

Rabies in a household but hopefully not in a nursing home

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.A Texas couple is undergoing rabies post-exposure prophylaxis after an abandoned puppy they adopted was diagnosed with rabies. They found the puppy outside and brought it into their house. One of them was subsequently bitten and they found out about the rabies diagnosis on Christmas eve. One of the couple is quoted as saying "The… Continue Reading

Bali rabies vaccination plan

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A rabies epidemic has been underway in Bali for some time. There have been 25 deaths, with 2 occurring in the past 2 weeks. There are several reasons for this ongoing problem: large numbers of dogs (especially feral dogs) with limited vaccination, rabies circulating in the feral dog population, inadequate post-exposure treatment of people, and… Continue Reading

Stray cats and H1N1 influenza

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The topic of the potential for feral (stray) animals, particularly cats, to be sources of human influenza infection came up today. For feral animals to be a public health problem, the following sequence has to happen: Feral animals need to be exposed to H1N1 This is pretty unlikely. Influenza is spread through close contact, mainly… Continue Reading

Stray cat roundup in New Jersey

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In response to recent problems with attacks by stray cats and concerns about rabies exposure, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, is planning to round up all the stray cats they can catch. Cats will be monitored in rented trailers for 60 days, and any cats that do not have signs of rabies will be adopted… Continue Reading

Attention Sears shoppers… Avoid rabid kittens!

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State public health officials are trying to get the word out about a potential rabies exposure in Annapolis, Maryland.  A rabid kitten was discovered outside a Sears store at the Westfield Annapolis shopper center. The concern is that people may have handled the kitten and been exposed. It’s a major concern with kittens because they can… Continue Reading

Oprah’s Parvo Pups

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The latest issue of Oprah’s magazine "O" features the icon talking about her recent puppy dog adoption drama involving canine parvovirus. It just goes to show that even the pets of the biggest celebrities in the world are not beyond the reach of common microscopic infectious pathogens. A couple of months back, Oprah adopted two… Continue Reading

Stray kittens

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While visiting my parents this weekend, we came across a litter of stray kittens in the backyard. This is not an uncommon event and many people obtain their cats this way. Adopting stray kittens can be a great way to get a cat because it provides  a good home for kittens that would otherwise end… Continue Reading