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Carbapenemase-producing E coli in a veterinary hospital

Posted in Cats, Dogs
New antimicrobial resistance challenges continue to emerge. In the veterinary field (especially in small animals), we have the advantage of seeing what’s happening in human medicine first, since that’s often an early warning system for what we’re going to encounter. We’ve seen a variety of resistant bacteria first became a problem in people, and then… Continue Reading

Canine influenza disinfection

Posted in Dogs
I’m lazy so I’ll use the blog to answer a question that I’m getting a few times a day.  Today’s question: how to disinfect a veterinary clinic if there is a concern about canine influenza? The good news is that influenza viruses are pretty wimpy. They’re enveloped viruses, meaning they are covered by a fragile fatty… Continue Reading

Kennel cough and vets

Posted in Dogs
An article from NBCMontana.com describes a kennel cough outbreak in dogs in Bozeman, Montana. It’s a pretty basic article that outlines a rather typical presentation of kennel cough (now largely referred to as canine infectious respiratory disease complex – a respiratory infection that can be caused by a range of viruses, bacteria and Mycoplasma). As… Continue Reading

What not to do in a vet’s office

Posted in Cats
TheNorthwestern.com has an interesting article about "10 things not to do with pets in a vet’s waiting room." They’re all good points, and I’ve put an infectious disease/infection control spin on them below: 1. Don’t fail to contain your cats. Even if your cat is the sweetest thing on record, some other animals may not… Continue Reading