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Canine influenza disinfection

Posted in Dogs
I’m lazy so I’ll use the blog to answer a question that I’m getting a few times a day.  Today’s question: how to disinfect a veterinary clinic if there is a concern about canine influenza? The good news is that influenza viruses are pretty wimpy. They’re enveloped viruses, meaning they are covered by a fragile fatty… Continue Reading

Kennel cough and vets

Posted in Dogs
An article from NBCMontana.com describes a kennel cough outbreak in dogs in Bozeman, Montana. It’s a pretty basic article that outlines a rather typical presentation of kennel cough (now largely referred to as canine infectious respiratory disease complex – a respiratory infection that can be caused by a range of viruses, bacteria and Mycoplasma). As… Continue Reading

What not to do in a vet’s office

Posted in Cats
TheNorthwestern.com has an interesting article about "10 things not to do with pets in a vet’s waiting room." They’re all good points, and I’ve put an infectious disease/infection control spin on them below: 1. Don’t fail to contain your cats. Even if your cat is the sweetest thing on record, some other animals may not… Continue Reading