Cheyletiella is a genus of mites that commonly affect dogs (C. yasguri), cats (C. blakei), rabbits (C. parasitovorax), and occasionally people.  Unlike Sarcoptes species (the mites that cause sarcoptic mange), these mites live on the surface of the skin and do not burrow into deeper layers.  They feed

Encephalitozoon spp. are single-celled microsporidian parasites that can cause infection in the intestinal tract of animals and people, and sometimes infection in other parts of the body (systemic infection). Cases of infection with these parasites (encephalitozoonosis) have been reported in countries all over the world. The species E. bieneusi and E. intestinalis are

Knowing how to properly handle a rabbit is very important for rabbit owners. If done incorrectly, the handler, the rabbit, or both could be injured. A rabbit’s powerful hind legs and flighty nature (being a prey species) are a dangerous combination. Even though rabbits may not do so intentionally, the nails on their hind


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