With all the stress of these extraordinary times, there are countless good news stories about people stepping up to help. These often get buried amid the scarier news stories, but they’re important to recognize – not that people are doing it for recognition, but to show our resilience. I never thought I’d be writing about

It’s truly amazing how much we know about COVID-19 and the virus that causes it (SARS-CoV-2), considering it was only identified a few months ago. However, there are still lots of basic things we don’t understand (yet).

One important question is whether the environment is a significant source of infection. When people breathe, cough, talk

As the need for social distancing becomes abundantly clear, we need to figure out what that means. This isn’t a two-week venture anymore. A much longer period of social distancing will be required to help limit the damage from COVID-19. The challenge is maintaining some semblance of normal activities in the meantime.

Where does veterinary

As people adapt to the new (temporary) normal of social distancing, and try to take measures to protect our highest risk populations (especially the elderly), a lot of interesting questions come up. One recent question was about dog walking programs. In some areas, people are looking at offering dog walking services to seniors to help

It’s pretty much full time COVID-19 around here, and I’ve gotten behind on posting. I figured it might be useful to recap some of the more common questions that are going around:

Does the SARS-CoV-2 virus (virus that causes COVID-19) infect animals?

Yes. But…

…The virus likely originated in and animal of some kind, and

One major trickle-down effect of widespread disease outbreaks can be a shortage of certain supplies. As COVID-19 has emerged and spread in humans, availability of items such as nose-and-mouth (e.g. surgical) masks rapidly decreased because of hoarding, diversion to the black market, increased unnecessary use and increased legitimate use. In such a situation, veterinary clinics